Panic Disorder - Strategies:  A fairly comprehensive and easy to read handout of various strategies to use to treat panic symptoms, here and another resource, here.   

Meditation Oasis:  New to meditation?  Learn how.  Been meditating for awhile?  Update your library of guided meditations (meditations led by a soothing voice). This website is loaded with guided meditations to learn from and relax to. Many of the audio files are free to download or listen to from your laptop, smartphone, or notepad. Go here

UCLA's Free Guided Meditations:  Many themes to choose from, here

Meditation for Stress Relief:  Many meditations to choose from. Music in the background or not, your choice, at Fragrant Hearthere

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Better Sleep:  Like a man with a Scottish accent to help you fall asleep?  Listen here.

Mindfulness Exercises: This relaxation exercise, here,  is narrated by mindfulness expert, Professor Mark Williams. It features a series of breathing and visualization techniques.

Daily Affirmations:  by Louise Hay, here. "Through Louise’s healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives, including more wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits."  It cannot be stated often enough. How we think about, interpret, put a spin on the everyday events in our lives can have a tremendous impact on our stress levels, on our anxiety and depression symptoms.  This is the Cognitive part of CBT.  Choosing to think about an event differently, in a more balanced way, a more optimistic view, the silver lining approach, if you will. 

Create Your Happiness: Visit Gretchen Rubin's happiness blog, here.  Look around.  Spend some time there.  Make it a habit to visit regularly.  You'll be happy you did.

Relaxation for Pain Management: Especially important  here.

Grief Resources in Austin and Beyond

When you need more than your loved ones can provide, there is help.            Resources for Grief and Support Groups     Compassionate Frie...