March 9, 2016

Depression Self Care

At least three all-important self-care routines get disrupted when suffering from depression:  Physical exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Gabe Howard is an award winning mental health advocate and author of  PsychCentral's blog titled Don't Call Me Crazy.  He offers cognitive behavioral (CBT) suggestions for maintaining physical health while battling depression, here.

One piece of nutritional advice, for example, is the very simple, very accessable, and very affordable step of drinking more water; Not giving up comfort foods, not going vegan, not in any other way drastically altering your diet.  Just the small step of drinking a glass of clean, healing water.


One small step for wo/man, one giant step for recovering.    "depression" painting by 

Sandy Andrews, PhD  is a Clinical Psychologist / Therapist who provides CBT in Austin, Texas  

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