February 1, 2012

Your Brain on Sleep

Seems we cannot talk enough during therapy sessions about the importance of getting the right amount of quality sleep.  So much research is pointing toward the role of sleep deprivation in mental health problems are surfacing.  And more and more we are becoming a sleep deprived nation.

Many factors interfere with getting a quality night of sleep such as anxiety/worry/stress, alcohol and caffeine use, medications with stimulating side effects (for example, decongestants and ADHD stimulants such as Ritalin), and late night activities including video game playing, internet surfing, and television viewing.

 When I saw this excellent graphic on the OnlineCollege website, I decided to post it here.  A lot of information packed into one colorful visual can be a helpful tool.  And especially appreciated when someone else put the work into it.  So thank you OnlineCollege.  You may want to enlarge the graphic - on my PC I click Ctrl +

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